ISO 44001 is a standard for collaborative business relationships

ISO 44001 began to be developed during the 90s in Great Britain and in 2017 the standard was adopted as an ISO standard under the name ISO 44001:2017.

To harmonize the management system standards, ISO 44001 has used HLS (High Level Structure, in principle that different standards have the same chapter division).
The advantage of this approach is that when a company must meet requirements from several standards, it is easier to structure its management system and even the audits themselves will be easier to carry out.

ISO 44001:2017 is applicable to private and public organizations of all sizes, from large multinational companies and governmental organizations, to non-profit organizations and micro/small businesses.

Application of ISO 44001:2017 can take place at several different levels, for example

  • A single application (including operational unit, operational department, individual project or program, mergers and acquisitions).
  • An individual relationship (including one-to-one relationships, alliance, partnership, corporate customers, joint venture);
  • Multiple identified business relationships (including multiple partner alliances, extended corporate arrangements and end-to-end supply chains).
  • Full organization-wide collaboration for all identified relationship types.

ISO 44001 – Standard for collaborative business relationships
ISO 44001 and the other standards in the 44000 series are based on twelve principles for the successful management and governance of collaborative business relationships.
The standard helps companies to identify, prepare, implement, and improve business relationships in collaboration.

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