EN 15085 - Welding of railway vehicles and components

A3CERT är först i Norden med att bli ackrediterade för EN 15085-2:2020. The transition to the new standard will take place continuously.

EN 15085-2 is now available in a new edition: EN 15085-2:2020.

A3CERT is approved as a certification body according to the “German List” ECWRV ONLINE REGISTER EN 15085
(European Comittee for Welding of Railway Vehichles)

There are four different levels you can be certified against:

CL1: Comprehensive requirements (eg brakes, boogies)
CL2: Normal requirements
CL3:Elementary requirements
CL4: Designers without their own production

The standard is called EN 15085, which means that it is a European standard, where EN stands for the European Norm. ISO 15085 is not available as it has not been approved by International Standardization Organization – ISO.

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A3CERT is accredited by SWEDAC to perform certifications against the standard EN 15085-2: 2007 – Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components.

The standard describes and demonstrates a manufacturer’s competence for control of welding quality in production of railway vehicles. The requirements refer a lot to the standard ISO 3834.


- CL 4 disappears, CL1, CL 2 and CL 3 remain.
-Certification level is now called classification level,
- Companies can be certified for one or more of Design (D), Production (P), Maintenance (M) and Supply (S).
- Clarified requirements for welding supervisors, including levels and what must be documented by external welding supervisors
- New requirement in point 6 - Manufacturer's declaration of the welding activities and organization

Scope of our accreditation

You can read via SWEDAC’s accreditation register which type of industries we are currently accredited for.

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