ISO 39001 - Road traffic safety

A3CERT is accredited by SWEDAC to issue certificates against the Road Traffic Safety (RTS) standard ISO 39001: 2012.

Sweden’s long-term vision for Road Traffic Safety is based on the “Zero vision”, where the goal is that no one should be killed or seriously injured as a result of road traffic accidents.

Road Traffic Safety – concerns not only road builders, carriers or vehicle manufacturers. ISO 39001 concerns all organizations that want to improve Road Traffic Safety, such as transport companies, bus and taxi operations, vehicle manufacturers, road builders and schools.

Road Traffic Safety management systems can easily interact with other management systems and are designed with a similar structure and the effort to implement ISO 39001 requirements is fairly small – if you compare with some other standards.

The demands from society related to Road Traffic Safety (RTS) are continuously increasing. Transports need to be carried out in a secure manner by transport companies – who in a structured manner prevent accidents from occuring.
This is true in everything from our transport of children, the elderly to freight, bus and passenger car traffic.

Increased requirements from transport buyers – ensuring road safety work – is becoming more frequent. Transport service purchasers increasingly understand that procurement is not just about the lowest price, the most important thing is that the transport can be done safely.

By certifying your management system for Traffic Safety
– you send a clear signal that you treat Road Safety work seriously
– both towards customers and other stakeholders
– and it reduces the risk that you, as a company, become involved in accidents.
A serious accident is, first and foremost, devastating for those involved, but may also destroy your company’s brand.

We have already many customers who are active in the transport sector, such as for example
transport, bus and taxi companies. You are also welcome!

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ISO 39001 – Management system for Traffic Safety
The purpose of the standard is for organizations to work more systematically with Road Safety, to save human lives and to reduce human suffering as a result of traffic accidents.
By certifying your company against this standard, you show that you are serious and take your part of the work with Road Traffic Safety seriously.

Scope of our accreditation

You can read via SWEDAC’s accreditation register which type of industries we are currently accredited for.

Do not hesitate to contact us even if your type of business is not in the list , as we we often take decisions to expand our accreditation with additional industry areas.

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