ISO 14001 - ISO certification of environmental management systems

ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental certification. The standard suits all companies and organizations that want to streamline their operations and reduce their environmental impact. As an accredited certification body, we help you review and improve your environmental management system and then issue the certificate.

Benefits of environmental certification under ISO 14001

Strategic and dedicated environmental work has several advantages. When you work on finding more sustainable and resource efficient solutions, you will also be more profitable.

  • Save time and money – you streamline the use of raw materials and energy and at the same time reduce the amount of waste.
  • Increase your competitiveness – many customers place environmental certification as requirements for business deals and procurement.
  • Strengthen your brand – the certificate means goodwill and clear market benefits, both in Sweden and internationally.
  • Create safer routines for risk management – with ISO 14001 you work systematically and proactively.
  • Strengthen your employees – you increase the employees’ environmental expertise and make them involved in your ongoing development work, which also increases their motivation.
    An environmental certification helps you reduce your negative environmental impact and find more sustainable and cost-effective solutions – while at the same time strengthening your brand and your competitiveness.

How to go from environmental policy to certified environmental management system

Maybe you already have an environmental policy? ISO 14001 can help you further streamline your environmental work and reduce your environmental impact even more. The standard can be applied to all types of business, regardless of industry and size.

  1. Define an environmental policy that includes:
    – an account of how your business should comply with the legislation
    – continuous improvement data
    – Identification of important environmental aspects in your business.
  2. Set your environmental goals, and make a plan for how to reach them.
  3. Implement your environmental management system, train the staff and document the work.
  4. Make an environmental audit.
  5. Certification according to ISO 14001.

The environmental policy is therefore a good start, but in order to be certified in accordance with ISO 14001, a comprehensive environmental management system with policies and procedures is required for how you will continue to develop your business in an environmentally sustainable manner.

You create your environmental management system yourself or in cooperation with an external consultant. The SIS (Swedish Standards Institutes) website includes requirements documents, checklists and tips on training and manuals that can be helpful.

When auditing, we as an accredited certification body help you review your environmental management system based on the requirements of ISO 14001.

The certificate is issued when the audit is approved and ready. We then help you with annual development audits and every three years a re-certification is made. Together we look at possible shortcomings and measures, so that a new certificate can be issued well in advance of the expiry date fo the previous one.

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ISO 14000 – the standard series for environment
The standard ISO 14000 series contains about 20 standards and other documents that help organizations to build and conduct systematic environmental work.
ISO 14001 is a requirement document for certification of environmental management systems

Scope of our accreditation

You can read via SWEDAC’s accreditation register which type of industries we are currently accredited for.

Do not hesitate to contact us even if your type of business is not in the list , as we we often take decisions to expand our accreditation with additional industry areas.

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