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The complete certification body

AAA Certification, also called A3CERT is a privately owned limited company. There is also a subsidiary in Norway – A3CERT Sertifisering AS. The owner is Evert Larsson with family. There are no other ownership interests such as consulting companies, trade associations or any other constellation that can be benefited through direct or indirect ownership. A3CERT is fully funded through the revenues generated by the certification business.

Our history

A3CERT - one of Sweden's leading certification bodies

A3CERT is started by Leif Strand and Evert Larsson. On February 24, SWEDAC made an accreditation decision that gave the right to issue certificates.
Evert Larsson and family acquire 50% of the shares and become the sole owner
A3CERT SERTIFISERING AS started as a wholly owned subsidiary in Norway

A3CERT has issued over 1,800 certificates against 14 different standards. Continued growth with more accreditations underway

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Impartiality Policy


The Management of A3CERT understands and undertakes to comply with the requirements of integrity, independence and impartiality required in the role of accredited certification body.

Through objectivity, impartiality and independence at all levels within A3CERT, we nurture the credibility of issued certificates.

A3CERT has routines and Code of Conduct to ensure that all activities within A3CERT are carried out in an impartial and independent manner.
Commercial, economic or other means of pressure shall not be allowed to affect our impartiality.

Do you need assistance with certification?

With A3CERT, certification becomes simple and profitable. When you contact us, you always get answers to your questions. We offer competent and efficient assistance with certification, regardless of the industry, type of business and where in the certification cycle you are right now.
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