The customer, together with references to A3CERT, must only market certifications issued by A3CERT.


Certificates / certificates issued to the customer bear the accreditation authority's logo. The Customer has the right to copy and distribute complete copies of certification documents. If the certification scheme specifies conditions for how a certification may be communicated by the customer, these must be followed by the customer, A3CERT informs on these occasions. The customer has the right to show his certification status with the certificate and the associated certification mark (s) on eg. corporate papers and advertising literature. Printing original along with instructions for reproduction and use of certificate and certification mark (s) are obtained. A3CERT is obliged to check the use of the certification mark and accreditation logo, where the essential the points are:
1) The logo must be reproduced in its entirety, including all "border lines", of acceptable size and color
2) The logo should be used to show that the approval refers to the customer's processes and not the product (s) or services provided by the company
3) The logo should not be used in such a way as to give a misleading picture of the certification awarded
4) Laboratory reports, products or packaging of products may not bear the mark or logo


On product packaging, or in accompanying information, statements that the business is covered by a certified management system may be made. However, it must not be implied that the product, process or service itself is certified. The statement shall state:

1) Identification of the certified company (eg brand or name)
2) What type of management system certification applies (eg quality, environment) and applicable standard
3) That A3CERT has issued the certificate