A3CERT Acquires Vattenfall Nordic Services AB’s Certification business

Alingsås, 2024-03-01 – AAA Certification AB (A3CERT), based in Alingsås and a prominent player in certification services, today announces the acquisition of Vattenfall Services Nordic AB’s certification business VUC. This acquisition broadens A3CERT’s service offering and strengthens their position as a reliable partner for high-quality certification services.

VUC offers extensive certifications in Ballast and Concrete, which complements A3CERT’s existing competence and enables a diversification of the offer to customers in various industries and sectors. This also gives customers the opportunity to use A3CERT for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, integrated audits.

“The acquisition of Vattenfall Nordic Services’ certification business VUC is an exciting development for us at A3CERT. It gives us the opportunity to expand our expertise and broaden our range of services to even better meet our customers’ needs in quality certification,” says Evert Larsson, CEO of A3CERT. “We look forward to integrating VUC’s resources and experience into our business to deliver even more complete and tailored solutions to our clients.”

Through this acquisition, A3CERT consolidates its position as a leading player in the certification industry and its commitment to offer high-quality and versatile services to its customers across the Nordic region.

Contact information: Cecilia Fransson Kvalitetschef, A3CERT

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