Change of certification body

It is easy to change to us.
We can take over your current certificates at any time during a 3 year cycle.
No additional assessment is required and there is no additional cost for you.
You are welcome to change certification body to us whenever you want 
- it does not have to be in conjunction with a Recertification. 

Choose the right certification body – change to A3CERT

When you are approaching a certification - it is important that you choose a certification body that is accredited by SWEDAC.

Why more and more customers choose us:
A complete and competent certification body
-        Accredited for twelve different standards
-        Wide business knowledge – we have experience within almost all
         different business sectors (try us)
-        Geographical coverage – we have good coverage within the
         Nordic countries

Our Auditors receive Top scores from customers
-        Understanding your business
-        Creates added value for you - beyond the certificate
-        Educational – communicates in a way that make you understand

Speed and simplicity
-        Simplicity – certification should be easy
-        Customer oriented - it is of highest importance to us that you 
         are satisfied
-        Speed - in responding to your questions, give you an offer or issue a
         certificate – contact us

You are all welcome
It does not matter whether you are new to certification or if you have one or several existing certificates with us or with another certification body 
– you are all welcome to A3CERT.
Are you curious how we work or how we can simplify your certification process  - your are more than welcome to contacts us.

Benefits of concentrating your certifications
By having all your certificates with A3CERT you will achieve:
- a more cost effective certification
- higher time efficiency for you when the audits for different standars
  are coordinated
- it is easier for you to have a single interface with one certification body
  than with several bodies

Contact us and we will tell you more - or make ask for a quote (RFP) directly.