steel and aluminium structures
EN 1090-1, CE-marking

A3CERT was the first in the Nordic countries to be approved by SWEDAC as a notified body for certification of companies that carry out dimensioning and / or manufacture of supporting structures in steel and aluminum against the requirements of SS-EN 1090-1.
ompanies that manufacture load-bearing components (load-bearing parts) that are dimensioned with euro codes must certify themselves against EN 1090-1. Execution must be done against EN 1090-2.
he manufacturer then receives the CE marking of its load-bearing products. The requirement for CE marking of products covered by EN 1090-1 became compulsory on 1 July 2014. Manufacturer's system for manufacturing control (FPC system) must be certified to EN 1090-1 by a notified body, the certified manufacturer must issue a declaration of performance for the product and CE mark it.

A3CERT is the only Swedish body that, during accreditation in Sweden, can offer certification services against EN 1090-1, ISO 3834, ISO 9001, ISO 14001,ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, EN 15085-2 and all parts of ECM - Entities in Charge of Maintenance.

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Questions & answers - EN 1090:

Are we under EN 1090 requirements?
f you manufacture or assemble structural components in steel or aluminum, you are probably covered. All construction products covered by a harmonized standard (or ETA) must be CE marked. You can find a list of all harmonized standards here.

What is the connection between ISO 3834 and EN 1090?
EN 1090 states that the welding must be in accordance with ISO 3834. Depending on the execution class (EXC), the following level applies
to ISO 3834:
EXC 1: ISO 3834-4
EXC 2: ISO 3834-3
EXC 3: ISO 3834-2
EXC 4: ISO 3834-2

What is performance class and who decides it?
There are four execution classes (EXC 1-4) where 1 is the most elementary and 4 is the most advanced. It is the constructor who determines the execution class using Eurocoder.

The performance classes look like follows:
EXC 1: Ceilings, railings, animal stalls, carport (given less than S 355)
EXC 2: Warehouse, office, house
EXC 3: Dynamic structures, bridges, really big houses,
EXC 4: Nuclear power, large arenas

Are there any eurocodes that are free?
Yes, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning and SIS have an agreement that allows you to get Euro codes free here.

Where to buy the EN 1090 standards?
You can buy these at SIS - Swedish Standards Institue.

ISO 5817, Quality levels for discontinuities and shape deviations on welds are purchased here.

We are a so-called micro company with less than 10 employees, do we not have to certify ourselves?
No, EN 1090 falls under something called 2+ systems where a notified body (certification body) is required.

Can you have several different welding responsible persons?
Yes, the Swedish translation "welding responsible" is a poor translation of English's "Welding coordination", correct translation should be "Welding coordination". This means, for example, that you can he an IWS to handle EXC 2 jobs and an IWE that takes care of EXC 3 jobs.

Must our welding manager / welding manager have IWS / IWT / IWE diploma?
No, there is no formal requirement for it. If the person responsible for welding is undiplomatic then we will do a deeper interview during the audit and assess what level they are at.

We have heard that it costs several million SEK to go through a certification against EN 1090, is that correct?
No, it sounds unreasonably expensive. We have certified over 200 companies and estimate that it costs from perhaps SEK 50,000 to a couple of hundred thousand swedish kronor, entirely depending on the starting position for the company and the desired EXC level.

You seem to know this with EN 1090, can you help me fix a system, weld tests, WPQR and the like?
No, we are impartial and independent. We neither get nor want to do anything other than to certify finished systems.

What are ZA and methods for CE marking?
EN 1090-1 contains four different methods for CE marking.
ZA 3.2 Geometric data and material properties (Ex. Welded beam with flanges and life)
ZA 3.3 Declaration of components' carrying capacity (Ex. Company with own design and turnkey contract)
ZA 3.4 Declaration against component specification (Ex. Smith who works against drawing)
ZA 3.5 Declaration of the component's strength value (s) from the buyer's order (as ZA.3.3 with additional requirements, such as a higher snow zone or the like)

Why can't I find ZA.3.5 in my EN 1090-1: 2009?
In the Swedish edition of 2009, ZA.3.5 has been dropped. In the current version EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2001 it is included, it is bought here.

Where to read more about EN 1090?
The steel building institute and the Welding commission, where A3CERT is a member, have good information.


Many years of experience and our expertise in the field are of course the basis for the approval, which has approval number 2296 within the EU.

Today, more than 200 companies are certified against EN 1090-1 by A3CERT in Sweden. Additionally - we have also certified companies in Norway, Denmark, China, Germany, Poland and others.

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