Impartiality policy - independence

The Management of A3CERT understands and undertakes to comply with the requirements of integrity, independence and impartiality required in the role of accredited certification body.
Through objectivity, impartiality and independence at all levels within A3CERT, we nurture the credibility of issued certificates.
A3CERT has routines and Code of Conduct to ensure that all activities within A3CERT are carried out in an impartial and independent manner.
Commercial, economic or other means of pressure shall not be allowed to affect our impartiality.


This means, for example, that

  • A3CERT shall not have organized collaborations with consultants and, through monetary contributions, give them reason to point to A3CERT as the only possible provider of the certification service.
  • Our focus is on certification, which means that we refrain from offering consultation or training on how to build management systems.
  • All our auditors and staff in the office have an agreed duty of confidentiality and work in accordance with our Code of Conduct.