Complete independence is a basic requirement for us as an accredited certification body. We also strive to constantly develop and improve our own work process. Complaints and appeals are an important part of this work, and something we handle with great respect and accuracy. If you have a complaint or want to make an appeal, please contact our CEO Evert Larsson. Evert sets out the grounds for the complaint and then proposes an appropriate remedy.

If you are not satisfied with the action we propose and choose not to accept it, your question will be referred to the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will then, as an independent, third party, contact you for further investigation, and then propose an action. To ensure impartial handling of complaints and appeals, there is also the opportunity to contact the Advisory Board directly. Contact our quality manager Cecilia Fransson and she will help you with contact information there.


Do you have any questions about auditing and certification in general? Welcome to contact us, we are happy to answer your questions!